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With Truid, you are making a difference. Your digital identity career paths at Truid.


Help us build a digital world where we trust each other

In today’s digital world, we’re more connected yet further removed from each other than ever before. So, how do we create the trust required to make a relationship good when we might never expect to meet the person? Truid is our answer to these questions. 

With our digital identity platform, we want to make the online world a safer, easier, and friendlier place to be  – helping people to feel confident in the persons or parties they’re communicating with, helping people to feel confident in their relationships. Explore careers in digital identity at Truid.

Do you believe in what we do?

Do you want to be part of shaping our future to be safe and secure? If you share the same views - this is what we believe in.


Trust is the cornerstone of enduring relationships in our philosophy.


We excel at untangling intricate questions through transparent communication.

Build to last

Excellence and long-term commitment drive everything we do.


Our enthusiasm for our work not only ensures personal fulfillment but also propels the success of our business.

Structure for people

Our strength lies in creating structures that prioritize people's needs and well-being.

Truid jobs

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We are always interested in meeting talented people with passion and capabilities for trust-building on the Internet. Send us your CV if you think you are a perfect fit!

Located in the central of Stockholm

Truid AB (c/o KG10)
Kungsgatan 8, 111 43 Stockholm