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Truid lets you create a secure digital identity. You can share your identity data instantly and will always keep control of who knows what about you.

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How it works

Control your digital identity with Truid


You can use Truid to e.g. onboard or log on to a service, verifying a payment, signing an agreement


Your data is encrypted and you hold the key on your phone


You always decide who to share your data with

Manage connections

All connections and transactions are logged, giving you full personal integrity

Getting started is simple and safe

Add credentials

Download the Truid app and add your contact information

Verify identity

Upload and verify your preferred identity document


Share your identity data simply and securely with any business using Truid

Free to use

It’s always free to use

Create your digital wallet with Truid

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Businesses can outsource authentication and focus on their core

Authenticating personal identity used to be expensive, admin-heavy and risky. Most businesses avoided it when possible and were forced to buy and manage expensive SaaS solutions when they had to manage it for compliance reasons.

Today, any business using Truid can:

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Fully outsource identity authentication and risk

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Avoid the need to run and maintain own authentication services

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Avoid having to store sensitive data

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Meet all data compliance requirements, out-of-the-box

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Get radically improved economics, thanks to Truid's win-win business model

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Get started quickly, since Truid uses established authentication protocols

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Everyone benefits when people control their digital identity

When people lose control of their digital identity and personal data online, they also lose trust. Best case, the data is used to monitor behavior and manipulate content. Worst case it is used for identify theft or fraud.

Businesses that interact with people who have difficulty proving their digital identity are stuck with higher risk, more admin and worse customer experience.

The win-win solution is to let people reclaim control of their digital identity and who knows what about them. People will feel safer and can act more freely. And businesses can radically reduce risk and cost and focus on their core.

A safe digital identity service is what the Truid app and platform delivers, thus building trust in digital interactions.

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Frequently asked questions

How are digital identities created?

You create a digital version of your true identity in the Truid app by adding phone or email and uploading your preferred identity document. If you use a passport, you scan the biometric chip  and the data and photo is used to verify your identity with a live face match. If you use an identity document without a chip, you take a photo of the document and do a live face match. That is how we make sure your are the real holder of the identity document. You will have the highest security and smoothest process if you use your passport.

How do you protect my data?

All data that you add to the Truid app is stored in your personal, encrypted vault. The key to the vault is stored on your mobile device, meaning that neither we nor anyone else can read your data without your explicit consent. When you add contact- and identity data, we will also verify that you actually are the legitimate owner of this information. We do this to safeguard your privacy and stop identity fraud. We use cloud solutions for storing your encrypted data since we believe that this offers the best combination of security and usability for our digital identity platform. If you e.g. lose your mobile device you can block access to your data and then regain access from a new device after completing a new authentication process. We encrypt your personal data both at rest and when in transit and your explicit consent is always required to decrypt the data.

How do I control who has data about me?

No data is shared without your explicit consent and all data sharing is logged in the app, where you can see both your live connections and the data they have received about you. You will always see who knows what about you and you can always terminate a connection you no longer want to keep or limit the data that they can access. When you want to update your contacts with new data, you do this simply and securely in the app. This way you can always keep up-to-date with your ID verification online.

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We want to put identity back where it belongs

Founder's note

Today, every internet user is faced with the tradeoff between simplicity and security, where simplicity means losing control of your digital identity and footprint. Most people choose simplicity, but resent the risk, monitoring and loss of control it creates.

We started Truid because we believe that to fix the trust problem of the internet, we need to empower people to reclaim control of their digital identity. We do this by ensuring that using Truid is always simple AND secure. And we think this is much better for businesses too. Why take on all the complexity and risk it entails to prove identity if you can trust your customers to do it for you?

Our vision is to build a more trusting future, and we're just getting started.

When the internet was new, most of us thought that the free access to information would lead to a world where people would know more, make better decisions and build more trusting relationships. Although the internet has created immense value, we now know that it has also meant more distrust, disinformation, loss of privacy and threats to personal integrity.

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Anders Borg Sundgren

Anders Borg Sundgren, CEO and Founder

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