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Know who’s on the other side of the screen

We help you prevent AI-driven fraud, eliminate complexity and cut cost, with a complete global digital identity solution that simplifies trust for you and your users.

Why choose Truid?

Minimize onboarding churn

Give your users a seamless user experience. After 90 seconds of customer onboarding, enjoy secure, passwordless access anytime.

Prevent identity fraud

Eliminate security gaps and fraud vectors by letting users onboard, re-authenticate and sign with the same digital identity.

Streamline Operations

Avoid integration costs and save time and resources with one product for identity proofing, authentication, and e-signature verification.

Stay compliant. Always

All data accessed via Truid is pre-processed to meet all typical data compliance requirements, including GDPR.

Find Your Country

It is who we are

Your customer identity provider

Truid is a customer identity platform provider, based in Sweden. We help customers with high security and data quality requirements to make sure who is on the other side of the screen. We do this with a cloud-based digital identity platform and a digital identity wallet that holds a reusable user-controlled identity.

A digital world where we trust each other

In today’s digital world, we’re more connected yet further removed from each other than ever before. How do we trust the best intentions of an unknown party or enterprise? More importantly, how do we help people gain access to the things they need? 

Truid is our answer

With our digital identity platform, we want to make the online world a safer, easier, and friendlier place to be  – helping people to feel confident in the persons or parties they’re communicating with, helping people to feel confident in their relationships. Because when a relationship is based on trust, that’s when it really thrives.

"We can offer our platform to anyone as Truid has global reach in their product"

Per H.

CPO Kvanta


"Great conversion rate! The mobile app is user-friendly with clear instructions for new users."

Alok A.

CEO, Appjobs


"Smooth user experience that plays well alongside national eID solutions like BankID."


CTO, CSign


By developers, for developers

At Truid, we speak the language of developers, delivering a digital identity solution crafted 'For developers, by developers.'

We streamline integration, saving you valuable time and ensuring a seamless experience from implementation to ongoing maintenance. Unlock the full potential of our features of identity verification solutions for your users.

  "iss": "",
  "sub": "auth0|123456",
  "aud": "my_client_id",
  "exp": 1311281970,
  "iat": 1311280970,
  "name": "Jane Doe",
  "given_name": "Jane",
  "family_name": "Doe",
  "gender": "female",
  "birthdate": "0000-10-31",
  "email": "",
  "picture": ""

Verify your domain owners

We help TLDs and registrars with our reusable identity to instantly verify domain owners and  comply with NIS2 requirements and avoid multi million Euro fines.

No matter if you manage domain owners manually, back-end or through a self-service portal: Truid reusable identity platform can adapt to your needs.

Ready to build trust with Truid?

Truid is a complete digital verification solution that serves multiple industries and use cases. Contact Us for more information.

Identity Fraud is on the Rise

We already see industrial scale identity fraud, based on generative AI and the possibility to deliver deep fakes of faces and voices of people that may fool even closest relatives. Online platforms that care about cybersecurity need to find safe ways to manage customer identity and make sure who they are doing business with.



Annual growth in reported identity theft 2001-21 in US



Of Europeans have experienced identity theft in last 2 years



Of Americans have suffered identity theft sometime in their life



Of Internet users are more worried about identity fraud now than a few years ago

Choose your level of integration

No matter if you manage domain owners manually, back-end or through a self-service portal: Truid reusable identity platform can adapt to your needs.

No code

Use our self-service portal to instantly start verifying domain owners without any integration.


Low code

Integrate over our API with your back-end administrative systems and mail servers.



Integrate over Open ID Connect (OIDC) to maximize UX in your portal or my pages.

Your Identity, Our Updates

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Protection against Fraud

Cutting edge automated identity verification

Truid builds on biometric verification, document verification and multi-factor authentication (MFA) underpinned by robust encryption and data protection measures to safeguard personal information.
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What is Truid and how does it work?
How does Truid ensure digital trust and security?
Is it safe to use Truid?
How can I get started with Truid as a user?

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