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We bring instant trust to every digital relationship

We are a global digital identity solution provider based in Sweden - the homeland of digital identity and eID. With our customer identity and access management platform, we strive to make the online world a safer, easier and friendlier place to be. 


Our story

Our story begins with a simple yet powerful mission: to make the online world safer, easier, and friendlier for everyone. At Truid, we're not just providers; we're pioneers shaping the next chapters of digital identity evolution. We're not only changing the world; we're also transforming the way you work - making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective.


Our journey

Starting in Sweden, we've evolved into a significant presence in the digital identity landscape. Our platform reflects our commitment to our roots, embracing privacy, transparency, and cybersecurity principles.


Today's mission

Our mission is clear - to bring transparency to the digital world, ensuring a safer online experience. With support for 240+ countries and recognition of over 6500+ identity documents, we're already making strides.


Where we're headed

Where are we going? Our aim is to achieve global digital transparency, revolutionizing online experiences to ensure security, seamlessness, and accessibility for everyone worldwide.

Our Values


We believe in trust as the foundation for sustainable relationships.


We love making sense of complex questions through open communication.

Build to last

What we do, we do well and for the long run.


When we love what we do, our business will also thrive.

Structure for people

We create structure that serves people.


Always know who’s on the other side of the screen


We safeguard against:

  • AI-driven fraud
  • Complexity
  • High costs

Through our global digital identity solution, your business benefits from streamlined processes and comprehensive solutions that address all digital identity use cases for you and your customers. 

Meet the founders of Truid


Anders Borg Sundgren



Markus Ejenäs


Build trust online

Embark on a career with and be at the forefront of cutting-edge identity solutions. Here, your work directly contributes to shaping a more secure digital landscape, preventing fraud, and offering seamless user experiences. 

By joining our team, you become part of a dynamic, innovative environment where we support you in building your skills, we value your contributions and you accelerate your personal growth. With Truid, you are not just finding a job; you're making a difference. Join us, and be a part of the revolution in online trust.


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