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Cents per transaction, that's all you pay


With Truid, there’s no upfront investments. Simply pay based on your usage and enjoy the results.

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Benefits of using Truid

Free trial

Verify documents in +240 countries

Sandbox testing

24/7 support

Fixed cost / verification

90-sec customer onboarding

Other advantages

Most affordable solution

Reusable identity

Biometric analysis

Fraud detection

Get started now

We believe in our product and the benefits - but take the opportunity to get to know more about Truid alongside your current solutions with little effort and investment.

"A user-friendly app for users to seamlessly verify their identity and authenticate themselves over and over again."

Per H.

CPO, Kvanta



Are there any setup or implementation costs?
Are there any additional charges or costs?
How does Truid charge?
When does my free trial end?
How do I cancel?
Are there any special offers for startups?