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Plug into instant access everywhere

Log on to a service, verify a payment, sign an agreement – access all the online services you need with Truid in your pocket. 

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Always free to use

Yes, it’s free. And simple. And secure. 

Build your own identity in 90 seconds


You want to become a customer / onboard a service / sign an agreement.


You download Truid from the App store.


You go through the process of verifying your identity in less than a minute.


You decide on allowing data sharing to service.


Once identified, you have access to a reusable digital identity that you use for instant repeat authentication anytime, anywhere.

Control your digital footprint

All connections and transactions are logged, giving you the ability to terminate connections you no longer want to keep.


Stay as private as you want

Enjoy full control over your personal information through secure data encryption. You decide who has access to your data, no one else.

We are always here to help

Send us a message if you have a question, and we'll come back to you as soon as possible.


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