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Avoid identity fraud with verified digital signatures

Truid's digital identity verification solution enhances security by providing digital signatures with verified legal identity, similar to checking an identity document at a physical contract writing. Protect your business from signature fraud effortlessly.


Challenges of validating a signature

With increasing prevalence of identity theft and identity fraud, it is increasingly challenging for operators of global online platforms to verify the authenticity of verified digital signature, battle fraud and create trust.

Existing solutions, such as QES, are cumbersome to establish and cannot be established fully online. Orchestrated solutions are expensive when global reach is desired.

Increase your global reach

One solution for 243 nationalities.

Secure your transactions

Signature with verified legal identity in case of litigations or need of forensics.

Cut costs

Increase your transaction security at 1E/signature.

Ensuring trust and security

Identity-secured digital signatures

In today's digital landscape, the need for secure and trustworthy methods of authentication is paramount. With the rise of digital transactions and document management, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of electronic signatures is crucial. This is where identity-secured digital signatures come into play.

What are identity-secured digital signatures?

Identity-secured digital signatures combine the convenience of electronic signatures with the robust security measures of identity verification. Unlike traditional signatures, which can be easily forged or manipulated, identity-secured digital signatures provide a higher level of assurance by tying the signature directly to the signer's verified identity.

"We can reach all markets with Truid! Being able to offer advanced electronic signatures to all nationalities supports our product-led growth strategy."

Ludvig E.

CEO, Zigned

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Step 1


User is asked to sign a document with Truid.

Step 2.1

New User

New users firstly build a digital identity in 90s by scanning an identity document and performing an AI-based facial recognition and liveness check.

new user idv truid

existing user idv truid

Step 2.2

Existing User

An existing user, confirms their legal identity, and signs the document with their pincode in just 1 second.

Prevent fraud with Truid's IDV system

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How secure digital signature authentication works

Secure digital signature authentication involves a multi-step process to verify the identity of the signer before the signature is applied to the document. This process typically includes:

Identity Verification

Before signing a document, the signer's identity is verified using trusted methods such as biometric authentication, government-issued IDs, or digital certificates.

Authentication Protocols

Secure authentication protocols are employed to ensure that the signer is who they claim to be. This may involve two-factor authentication or cryptographic techniques to prevent unauthorized access.

Digital Signing

Once the identity is verified, the signer applies their digital signature to the document using encryption techniques, creating a unique and tamper-evident seal.

Benefits of identity-verified digital signatures


By tying the signature to the signer's verified identity, identity-secured digital signatures are highly resistant to fraud and tampering. This provides peace of mind for both parties involved in the transaction.

Legal Compliance

Many industries and regulatory bodies require stringent authentication measures for digital signatures to ensure legal compliance. Identity-secured digital signatures meet these requirements and provide a solid foundation for legal validity.

Identity Protection

Signers can rest assured that their personal information is protected throughout the signing process, reducing the risk of identity theft or misuse.

Building trust in a digital world

Verified identity for digital signatures:

In an era where trust is paramount, verified identity for digital signatures offers a solution that combines convenience with security. Whether it's signing contracts, authorizing transactions, or approving documents, identity-secured digital signatures provide a seamless and trustworthy solution for businesses and individuals alike.

By embracing identity-secured digital signatures, organizations can streamline their workflows, reduce the risk of fraud, and enhance overall security. With the assurance of identity verification, digital signatures become not just a tool for signing documents, but a symbol of trust and integrity in the digital realm.


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Signature Authentication and Fraud Detection

Truid offers comprehensive solutions for signature authentication and fraud detection, ensuring the integrity of your documents. Our advanced technology checks the authenticity of signatures and IDs, providing robust protection against fraudulent digital signatures and forgeries.

With Truid, you can rest assured that your documents are safeguarded from any attempts at signature fraud or manipulation. Trust in Truid for reliable signature verification and fraud detection.