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User Control

Once you have installed the Truid app you have become a Truid user and as such you can start identifying yourself with any service within the Truid network for purposes such as onboarding, login, signing and identity verification.

As a Truid user you hold a reusable digital identity under your sole control with which you are capable of proving your identity to a substantial degree of certainty. Your Truid identity wallet/vault can carry a wide set of data about you - data that is always provided or confirmed by you as a User, but examined and evaluated by Truid through processes for validation, verification, fraud detection etc.

You have exclusive control of your identity data - you own it and no-one else can access it without your explicit consent, not even Truid. However, when you have shared data with a service through Truid, that data will be in the hands of that service and be managed under their data privacy policy. The sharing purpose as displayed to you before giving consent to share data explains for which purposes the data will be used within that service. Truid will notify this service upon consent withdrawal - but you will have to contact the service directly if you want to officially claim your rights on your data within their domain.


Which data about you are kept at Truid?


Keys and Credentials

In order to ensure that no one else but you can use your identity and access your data without your consent, some keys and credentials are maintained through the most secure place on your device.

Identity Data

You maintain all your data inside your personal vault. This contains digital representation of legal documents, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, scanned documents etc. All this data is encrypted by keys that are held by the app on your device.


Evidence Data

Truid maintains evidence around your identity data, to evaluate their validity, correctness and to ensure that they belong to you. This is an anonymized data-set that references your identity data by a key that is only resolvable when you are present and the identity data can be decrypted.


Connection Data

Your connections are all services that you have shared data with at any time for any purpose. These connections carry all consents that you have granted and the channel over which any identification data are transferred.


For how long is your data kept at Truid

Your personal data is retained for as long as you are a user of Truid and for a period of 1 month thereafter for the purpose of securely deleting your account or such earlier time upon your request.

We will also delete your account, including your personal data, if you are a so-called “inactive user”, i.e. if you have not used our service for a period of 5 years.

Reports and statistics on an aggregated level (i.e. non-personal data) will be retained until further notice.


How can I delete my data?

The only way to access your data is via your installed App and the App contains the encryption keys for your personal data.


In case you have an installed app

1. Open your “Truid vault”
2. Open "Settings" and “Manage Data”
3. Click “Delete all my data”


In case you have uninstalled your app

  • You can be safe, as you are no longer a user of Truid - the keys and credentials are gone and we no longer hold any identity data about you.
  • Connection data still remains since it represents a consent between you and a service. You will have to contact each service that you have shared data with in case you want to delete your data in their domains.

Please contact us at for any privacy-related question.