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Truid is a complete digital identity solution that serves multiple industries and use cases. Find your industry below, get a demo or get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for.

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Industries we serve

Identity & Access Management

Truid reinforces Identity & Access Management systems by providing a global verification and authentication product that can be used to protect sensitive data and ensure that only authorized individuals gain access.

Online Recruitment

Truid accelerates recruitment by swiftly verifying candidate identities, ensuring only qualified individuals proceed. Our precise candidate authentication services cuts down on fraud, making the hiring process cost-effective and reliable.

Online Marketplaces

Truid enhances online marketplaces with strong biometric authentication services, buyer and seller identity verification for a secure platform access. Passwordless authentication ensures smooth platform access, and e-signing minimizes fraud.


We simplify the rental process with smooth identity proofing and e-signatures for leases, accommodating tenants of any nationality. Tenant authentication solutions fraud and enhances customer satisfaction by streamlining onboarding.

E-signature platforms

Truid bolsters the electronic signatures with identity verification by enabling Advanced Electronic Signatures with verified legal identities, ensuring that high-stake transactions comply with regulatory standards. This fortifies the legal standing of digital agreements.


Truid makes it possible to offer secure access to SaaS platforms for global, and external users, while safeguarding sensitive data and transactions. Integrated signing of documents is an added feature, and all interactions with users follow GDPR compliance.


Truid is indispensable for serving a cross-border user community with integrated KYC at onboarding and transaction verification, KYC solutions for cross-border transactions, especially vital for crypto platforms and neo-banks.


Truid champions identity verification for gaming environments in esports by verifying gamer identities and age, thus maintaining a fair and legal gaming environment. Our e-sports digital identity solution are designed to prevent fraud, and foster a secure space for competition.

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Explore how our digital identity solutions adapt to real-world challenges across industries, offering security for platform users fraud prevention. From AML screening to fraud prevention, discover practical applications on our Use Cases page, showcasing the reliability and versatility of our security solutions.


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