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Verify the identity of your domain name registrants

Comply with NIS2 with our no-code solution for identity verification of domain name registrars.


Features & Benefits

Global Coverage

We cover 243 nationalities, so no matter who is the registrant, their identity can be verified with Truid.

Smooth UX

We offer a smooth process where document scan and facial recognition takes no more than 90 seconds.

GDPR compliant

Our solution is built with the strictest data and privacy regulations in mind, making you fully compliant with GDPR.

Highly Secure

We deliver the highest security standards, with RFID chip reading from identity documents.


Comply with NIS2

NIS2 is an EU directive adopted by the EU parliament in November 2022. The purpose is to protect critical infrastructure, such as for examples DNS, from cyber threats and to achieve a high level of security across the whole of EU.

Building upon the NIS directive from 2016, NIS2 includes stricter security requirements, reporting obligations, and enforcement requirements for you as a domain registrar. One of these stricter requirements is that domain companies are required to verify the identity of individuals and companies who register internet domains.


Where innovation meets domain security

Our solution offer a suite of innovative features designed to address the specific needs of businesses of domain name registration services.

Identity Verification Services

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Truid verifies the authenticity of user-provided information, including government-issued IDs and biographical data.

Authentication Solutions

Our platform supports multi-factor authentication and biometric verification to ensure the integrity of user identities.


The challenges of IDV for domain name registrars

Digital identity verification poses challenges for domain name registrars due to the need to balance regulatory compliance, user privacy, and cybersecurity concerns. Registrars must verify the identities of registrants accurately while minimizing friction in the registration process. Navigating the challenges of IDV for domain name registrars is crucial, especially in the context of evolving EU legislation.
Domain name registrars play a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape, and ensuring the authenticity of domain registrations is paramount in safeguarding against cyber threats and DNS abuse. With our advanced identity verification for domain name registration, digital service providers can enhance security, streamline compliance, and elevate the overall customer experience. Embrace the future of domain name registration with Truid and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital world.

Your partner in secure domain registration

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The solution

Our solution is completely code-free. The link that is emailed to the user is created by a logged in customer service (or relevant role) in a truid web page and pasted in to a pre-defined email template and sent from the TLD/resellers mail system.


A TLD/reseller Initiates an Identity verification by sending an email with a truid generated link to the user.


User receives a branded email with instructions and a link from the TLD/reseller.


User identify themselves and share their data in Truid app.


Verification, identity and contact data are shared to TLD/reseller by email.

"A user-friendly app for users to seamlessly verify their identity and authenticate themselves over and over again."

Per H.

CPO, Kvanta



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