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Combine security and smooth UX

2FA and OTP put your users in bad flows and a simple password is the first frontier that will be breached by AI. Truid offers a very secure solution that does not sacrifice user experience.

Authentication features

Protect your platform against AI-driven identity fraud

Customer identity solutions like password, OTP, and social login will make you highly vulnerable to AI-driven fraud. There is a more user-friendly and secure option.  

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Step by step authentication process

Authentication on another level


Step 1: Two-factor authentication

Users are prompted to verify their identity using Truid's two-factor authentication. This involves accessing the Truid app and entering a unique PIN code to complete the verification process.


Step 2: Multi-factor authentication

Truid's multi-factor authentication uses biometric face matching for heightened security. Users verify their identity via the Truid app, adding an extra layer of authentication.


Step 3: Single authentication

We provide step-up authentication for enhanced security. It activates during high-risk transactions or suspicious activity, requiring users to complete additional authentication steps.

Avoid breaches, elevate security

Multifactor authentication (MFA) combined with biometrics significantly enhances your security by requiring multiple forms of verification. This makes unauthorized access exponentially more difficult.

Instant and smooth user access anytime, anywhere

An app-based digital identity offers users a convenient and streamlined way to access your online service with a single secure login, eliminating the need to remember numerous passwords. It enables quick verification through  biometrics, saving time and reducing friction.

Don’t give away your data!

Not relying on social logins can mitigate your dependence on third-party providers and build trust with users who are increasingly concerned about privacy and the use of their personal data. Help reduce their digital footprint and the risk of cross-platform data breaches.

"A user-friendly app for users to seamlessly verify their identity and authenticate themselves over and over again."

Per H.

CPO, Kvanta


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