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Onboard customers in 90 seconds

Let us take care of the identity fuzz in your customer journey so you can make the rest the best. 

Our identity verification toolkit to defeat fraud

Truid’s flexible data architecture allows for building a rich identity based on multiple credentials such as:

Verified Identity

Trust and security through verified online identity.

Proof of Address

Simplified verification for user addresses.

Verified Bank Account

Instant, reliable bank account verification.

Age Verification

Effortless age verification for compliance.

Global Business ID

Global business representative ID with verified signing rights.

Documents and Certificates

Efficient document and certificate verification.

Verifiable Credentials

Ensure trust and reliability with verified credentials.



Your Shield Against Identity Theft

Online fraud, including identity theft, account takeover, phishing, and synthetic identity fraud, poses a significant threat in the digital realm.

Truid serves as a powerful deterrent to such online fraud. By securely storing and managing users' personal information, we bolster identity verification processes with app authenticators and advanced encryption technology, making it difficult for fraudsters to replicate identities.

Truid streamlines identity verification while maintaining security. Users can share verified credentials securely, reducing the risk of data breaches and identity theft. Biometric authentication adds an extra layer of security, thwarting unauthorized account access.

Moreover, Truid detects and flags inconsistencies in user information, preventing synthetic identity fraud. By maintaining a secure record of verified identities, we minimize the scope for online fraud.

Customer identity verification step by step

How Truid verifies the identity of your customers


Step 1: Document and Facial Capture

Document scan or RFID read


Step 2: Fraud and Liveness Checks

Facial recognition and liveness check


Step 3: Document Authenticity Verification

Reusable Global Identity



Success rate with RFID



Identity documents



Automation rate



Cost saving for IDV

Streamline your KYC processes with Truid

Enhancing security and efficiency

Know Your Customer (KYC) is essential in combating fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing, increasingly so due to regulatory demands and heightened security needs in digital transactions. KYC entails gathering personal details like name, address, date of birth, and government identification.

Truid streamlines this process by allowing users to verify and securely store their identity documents digitally, simplifying verification for users and enhancing efficiency for businesses. Adopting Truid's digital identity wallet for KYC can expedite customer onboarding, lower administrative expenses, and elevate the user experience, aligning companies with forward-thinking, customer-centric practices in the digital era.


Optimized for customer identity

Truid is an uncompromised solution, optimized for identity verification and authentication of customers. Thereby you can keep iframed solutions that destroy your UX out of your customer flow.

Low transaction cost

Truid is a reusable identity that lets you automate your onboarding and KYC process but also reap the benefits of reusing customers' digital identities once you have taken the initial onboarding cost.

Complete and easy-to-integrate

Save operating costs by using only ONE solution that easily integrates over OIDC, instead of using costly orchestrated solutions or building your own integrations towards multiple local solutions.

GDPR compliant

Truid, complying with eIDAS 1 and 2, offers a secure customer identity solution hosted in the EU. With encryption and stringent privacy measures, it adheres to EU data protection rules and extends compliance globally.

Increase conversion

Improve conversion rates at onboarding and onboard more approved customers. Get one smooth, fast and optimized customer experience with high success rate and perfect data. instead of smearing your product with a customized iframed IDV flow.

Protect from data breaches

Build a secure customer identity solution by combining IDV and authentication. Our reusable identity with biometric multi factor authenticaton and sessions, helps you make sure that the user who onboarded is the same user that logs in later.

Reduce internationalization costs

Save operating costs by verifying identity in all markets using ONE solution that easily integrates over OIDC. This way you can avoiding costly orchestrated and compounded solutions or high costs of integrating different national solutions.

Prevent fraud

Stay safe from AI-driven fraud and its associated costs without impacting the experience for your customers. Protect against multiple fraud vectors with features such as device biometrics, dynamic QR codes, liveness detection and document verification.

Identity Verification

Use Cases

Verification of identity on domain name registrants

Domain Name Registrars face security threats like unauthorized transfers and cyber attacks. The NIS2 Directive mandates stricter cybersecurity requirements, including identity verification for registrants. Manual verification increases fraud risks and costs. Truid automates identity verification, reducing fraud risk, costs, and enhancing security for safer domain registrations.

Onboarding and identity verification of customers in fintech and crypto

In fintech and cryptocurrency, strict security measures for user onboarding and KYC are vital for compliance with AML and PEP legislation. Truid offers biometric identity verification and automated document checks for secure access and transactions, enhancing user confidence, compliance, and the overall user experience on crypto and fintech platforms.

Seamless and secure access to SaaS platforms

For corporate SaaS users handling confidential resources like accounting or equity management, cybersecurity is crucial. Truid strengthens defense against unauthorized access with seamless biometric identity verification and multi-factor authentication, ensuring secure access for authorized users and protecting sensitive information.

"The integration was smooth and it was easy to get support as we had a direct slack channel with Truid's tech team."

Alok A.

CEO, Appjobs