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Smooth and secure online customer onboarding

Truid is a comprehensive solution for offering a smooth and secure customer onboarding process. Use our digital customer identity for remote identity proofing and establishing a persistent and secure customer identity. 

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We are revolutionizing customer onboarding

Traditional customer onboarding processes often involve cumbersome, time-consuming identity verification methods. This not only frustrates customers but also increases the risk of errors and fraud. Compliance with regulatory requirements adds further complexity to the process. Explore online customer onboarding with digital identity.


Cumbersome online onboarding risks loosing the patience of customers and hurting customer acquisition.

Data quality

Data input from customers without confirmation risks recieving erronous data and subsequent errors and hurt service quality.


Managing customer data requires proper procedures and processes with respect to privacy in order to be compliant with GDPR.


Customer acquisition processes often have to be customized to different regions at the expense of simplicity and cost.

Remote customer onboarding made smooth, secure and scalable

At Truid, we offer a comprehensive suite of features designed to keep your digital identity-driven customer onboarding onboarding fraud-free, easy and safe.

ID chip reading

We utilize NFC reading of the chip on the ID document which takes the user through this process very quickly and with high security.

Smooth IDV process

Truid is 100% specialized and designed for a smooth and efficient IDV process and not messed up by webviews or iframes.

OIDC integration

Integrate over OpenIDConnect just as with any product designed for the open internet.

GDPR data controller

Truid is data controller, and ensures full compliance with GDPR and removes data subprocessor risk.

Seamless Integration

Truid seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflows, minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity.


Your digital identity solution for customer onboarding

Remote customer onboarding made simple


Reduce Boarding Time

Verify identities in seconds, minimizing wait times for customers.


Enhance Security

Authenticate documents and faces with precision, mitigating fraud risks.


Ensure Compliance

Stay ahead of regulations with built-in compliance checks, avoiding penalties.


Improve User Experience

Offer enhancing customer satisfaction with remote identity proofing.

High conversion

Offer new customers a seamless onboarding journey and get high conversion rates.
Verify the identity of new customers with the latest AI-based biometric facial recognition technology.

Avoid Identity Fraud

Avoid privacy risks

Get GDPR-compliance out-of-the-box, manage data privacy and avoid costly fines.
One comprehensive solution makes it possible for global businesses to onboard customers of all nationalities.

Grow without borders

Step-by-step guide

How it works


We offer users the opportunity to sign up with Truid


Truid scans the customers id document


Truid validates documents and performs AI-based facial recognition and liveness check


Identity proof is shared to your platform by the user with consent


You can trust your new user to start using your digital platform

"Truid gave us a globally scalable identity solution."

Ludvig E.

CEO, Zigned


Customer onboarding with identity proofing

Digital identity verification for online customer onboarding

Are you ready to revolutionize your customer onboarding experience? Take the next step towards seamless identity verification with Truid. Sign up now for a free trial or schedule a personalized demo to see our platform in action. Empower your business and delight your customers with Truid today.
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How does Truid integrate with our existing systems?
What types of documents does Truid support for verification?
Is Truid compliant with GDPR?

Seamless ID verification for customer enrollment

At Truid, we prioritize seamless ID verification during customer registration to enhance the security of your platform. Our online identity verification process for new customers ensures a smooth and hassle-free enrollment experience.

With Truid's advanced technology, you can seamlessly verify the identities of your customers during the registration process, minimizing friction and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities. Count on Truid for effortless and reliable ID verification solutions for customer enrollment.