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Where can I download the app?
Does the PIN need to match my phone's PIN?
Why do you need access to my phone's camera?
What should I do if I receive an error stating that my document type isn't supported?
What does it mean when I get the error, "We were unable to read your ID document"?
I'm having trouble passing the face match and liveness check. What am I doing wrong?
How can I delete my data?
Why does my phone keep sending me to the App Store even though I have the app installed?
Why can't I read the RFID chip in my document?
How do I know if my document has a RFID chip?

How can we help?

Describe your problem to us, and we will help solve the issue or guide you through the process.

Support request

Please provide as many details as possible. Include what you were doing when the problem occurred, the type of error you encountered, whether you were trying to sign up or verify your identity with a specific service, and the type of ID document you were using.