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Secure NIS2 compliance with Truid

We help you comply with EU’s NIS2 directive by strengthening identification and authentication of your online users, and avoiding multi-million Euro fines.

NIS2 - you are obliged to know who’s on the other side of the screen

The NIS2 Directive emphasizes enhancing the security of network and information systems across the EU by setting stringent requirements for the authentication and identification of users.

These provisions are crucial in ensuring that only authorized users can access critical information and systems, thereby minimizing the risk of cyber threats posed by unauthorized access.

Group 626

Strong User Authentication

NIS2 calls for the implementation of strong authentication mechanisms, particularly for accessing essential systems. This typically includes:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): NIS2 advocates for the use of MFA wherever feasible. MFA involves verifying user identity through several different factors: something they know (like a password or PIN), something they have (like a security token or a smartphone app), or something they are (like a fingerprint or other biometric data).

Robust User Identification

To ensure that interactions within the network are secure, NIS2 requires entities to have robust mechanisms in place for identifying users:

Identity Verification: For actions requiring higher security levels, and platforms considered critical infrastructure, such as domain hosting, NIS2 requires thorough identity verification. This could involve using digital identity verification systems.

Group 503-1

17 October

The deadline by which EU member states are required to adapt national laws to meet the enhanced cybersecurity standards and requirements outlined in NIS2, ensuring a consistent level of security across all member states and sectors deemed essential for societal and economic stability.
The maximum fines for being non-compliant can go up to this amount, or 2% of the total worldwide annual turnover, to enforce compliance effectively and underscore the importance of robust cybersecurity practices across all covered entities within the EU.

+10M EUR

€140 billion

According to a study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the cost of cybercrime in Europe in 2020. This figure includes the cost of stolen money, lost productivity, and damage to the reputation of affected companies.
The increase in the cost of cybercrime in Europe over the last three years.



The amount of reported cyber incidents in Europe in 2020 according to the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).

Benefits of using Truid

Truid helps you to

Comply with NIS2

Truid is a comprehensive solution to solve both requirements of strong authentication and robust identity verification in NIS2 compliance.

Secure your platform

We help you keep unauthorized users outside your platform to prevent fraud and phishing.

Cover the whole of EU

We manage identity verification for NIS2 of 243 nationalities, offering global coverage.

Save UX

NIS2 authentication mechanisms doesn’t have to be cumbersome - with Truid users get a first-class, smooth experience that prevents churn.

Cut costs

Cybersecurity is not for free, but a reusable identity like Truid offers our customers a cost-efficient solution.

This is how Truid helps you comply with NIS2


Robust identity verification

A digital identity wallet with substantial assurance level


Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

An authentication app with biometric authentication


RFID reader

Chip reading on identity documents prevents forgery and fraud


eIDAS 2.0 compatible

Prepared to be a European Digital Identity Wallet

Step-by-step guide

How it works


Step 1

Your users are requested to verify their identity with the Truid app


Step 2

They verify phone and e-mail, scan their ID documents and perform an AI-based facial recognition


Step 3

After that, they can access your services securely with a reusable digital identity just by reading a dynamic QR code

Domain Registration

One example of required NIS2 IDV compliance

The registration of internet domains is one venture specifically pointed out as subject to NIS2. Top level domains (TLDs) and registrars are compelled to secure that the name, email and phone number of the domain registrants is verified as accurate, using progress made in the field of Digital identity verification for NIS2. Truid is used to meet compliance demands and verify the identity of domain registrants.

Stay compliant with Truid

A secure user authentication for NIS2

Ready to ensure NIS2 compliance effortlessly? Sign up for Truid today and experience the power of trusted identity verification.


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ID verification compliance under NIS2

Meeting ID verification (IDV) requirements under NIS2 is essential for businesses operating in the digital landscape. Truid ensures adherence to IDV guidelines under NIS2, providing comprehensive solutions to streamline the verification process.

Our platform enables businesses to meet regulatory obligations seamlessly while maintaining the integrity of their identity verification procedures. With Truid, you can trust that your IDV processes align with NIS2 guidelines, ensuring compliance and security for your operations.