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Global verification of student identity

We help you with smooth remote verification of students' identities, with user privacy protected. This helps you to provide secure access to campus, housing, learning platforms, discounts and student loans.

The campus card needs a supplement

Student status need to be combined with remote identity verification, and often remote. International students start onboarding services and student identity verification platform abroad, from their home country.

Student Admissions

Sending photos of ID documents required for admissions over email is neither smooth nor GPDR compliant and may risk admissions.

Service Onboarding

Campus cards are no longer sufficient to apply for services needed in the study country. KYC is required, while students typically sign up for housing and subscriptions remote, from their home country.

Student Discounts

To prevent discounts and bookings being used by the wrong person, verification of legal identity in combination with student status is common, for example for travel tickets.

Campus Access

Access to physical as well as digital student resources such as campuses and learning platforms increasignly require a stronger student authentication for security and cheat prevention.


How Truid helps you

Provide secure remote access for students


Global reach

Remote identity verification of 243 nationalities, covering +6500 ID documents


Privacy protected

Fully GDPR compliant, built to protect privacy and integrity


User friendly

Optimized process for identity verification and smooth use gives students a good UX



With a transaction-based payment model, you pay only for the transactions you use

How it works

Building a strong student identity with Truid


Step 1

Your users add ID document and student cards to the Truid identity vault.


Step 2

They verify phone, e-mail, and finally their identity with an AI-based facial recognition and liveness check.


Step 3

They access digital services smoothly and securely, proving both their legal identity and their student status.

Student verification

See Truid in action

Explore how we support our customer, SBS, in revolutionizing student housing verification. Read our detailed case study for a firsthand look at how we streamline the process for students and property managers.

Ready to witness our product in action? Discover the SBS case study now!

Features of Truid

Truid combines a number of features to facilitate the life of students and the digital services they use.

Remote identity verification

Remote student ID verification verification of 243 nationalities and +6500 ID cards.

Student credential verification

Flexible vault where students can add campus card credentials.

Multifactor authenticator

Reusable identity enables smooth access over QR to digital platforms and services.

OIDC integration

Integrates easily over OpenIDConnect, the future protocol for identity verification on the open internet.


We cater for all your needs

Choose your level of integration

No matter if you manage students manually, back-end or through a self-service portal: Truid reusable identity platform can adapt to your needs.

No code

Use our self-service portal to instantly start verifying domain owners without any integration.


Low code

Integrate over our API with your back-end administrative systems and mail servers.



Integrate over Open ID Connect (OIDC) to maximize UX in your portal or my pages.

Student Housing Applications

Remote student Verification with SBS

Student Housing Provider SBS each year receives applications from 2000 exchange students coming to Sweden. With the use of Truid, in the Hogia property management SaaS, students can verify their identity remotely, and sign up for an apartment from their home country.

"Great solution for identity verification and digital signatures. There’s no limitation on which nationalities can use our service now. Truid’s service is available to all users and does not exclude anyone."

Mikael S., Managing Director

Hogia Property Management SaaS



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How does student identity verification integrate with existing systems?
I don't have resources to integrate - Isn't there a SaaS solution available?

Verify students the safest way

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