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Verify your domain owners now

We help TLDs and registrars with our reusable identity to instantly verify domain owners and  comply with NIS2 requirements and avoid multi million Euro fines.



The EU NIS2 Directive dictates that the identity of all domain owners need to be verified using best practices in the field of electronic identification.


All entities managing domain name registration, such as top level domains, accredited registrars and domain resellers are affected, and also compelled to cooperate.

What if not?

Failure to comply with NIS2 may result in serious damage to your organization in terms of fines of up to 10.000.000€ or 2% of worldwide yearly revenue.


EU Member States must adopt and publish the specific measures necessary to comply with the NIS 2 Directive no later than 17 October 2024. 

Simple process that doesn't require integration

How it works for You as a registrar



With Truid's platform, You create a unique URL for each registrant that you want to verify.



You send the URL to the registrant's email, requesting verification of their ID.



The Registrant verifies their identity with an ID document and their mobile phone.



You get a proof of identity delivered from Truid's platform either by email or over API.

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Truid is a complete digital verification solution that serves every aspects of the NIS2 regulations.
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Critical for NIS2 - reusability

How it works for registrants


NIS2 states that registrants shouldn't have to redo identity verification. Truid solves that.

1. The registrant receives a request to verify their identity.

2. They use an identity document and the Truid identity app to verify their identity and create a reusable digital identity.

3. They share their verified identity data with explicit consent to the registrar.

From now, the registrant can use their reusable Truid identity to perform buyer identity verification with a single click for all other registries where they have domains, in conjunction with NIS2.

Small, large, TLD? We cater for all needs

Choose your level of integration

No matter if you manage domain owners manually, back-end or through a self-service portal: Truid reusable identity platform can adapt to your needs.

SaaS portal

Use our self-service portal to instantly start registrant verification without any integration.


API integration

Integrate over our API with your back-end administrative systems and mail servers.


OIDC integration

Integrate over Open ID Connect (OIDC) to maximize UX in your portal or my pages.

Why choose Truid?

Benefits of Truid

"It's like Truid was made for the domain ecosystem."

Use e-mail

The process can be managed over e-mail, the common channel of communication.

Start now

17/10 is soon. We offer a no-code solution to win time in complying with NIS2.

Verify once

Truid makes sure owners of multiple domains does not have to redo the process.

Save cost

Use existing process. Low transaction cost, no startup cost, no integration cost.

NIS2 calls for best practice

Cutting edge identity verification

Truid builds on biometric verification, document verification and multi-factor authentication (MFA) underpinned by robust encryption and data protection measures to safeguard personal information. We offer identity verification for domain transfers or purchases.
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Let's get you started

Our solution offer a suite of innovative features designed to address the specific needs of businesses of domain name registration.